who we are


bep - business and people srl is amanagement consultancy, organizational design and training company. It follows upon one of the most experienced Italian professional communities, operating for over thirty years on change management and  people empowerment, organizational change and technologies. It takes over the professional heritage of Butera and Partners.

bep clients are the biggest Italian companies, small and medium enterprises, central and local public administrations, chambers of commerce and public institutions, business networks.

bep has gained extensive knowledge about public and private sectors and networking and cooperation experiences of public and private actors


bep approach is based on  deep knowledge of organizational logics and working rules characterizing private companies and public organizations.

This approach aims at fostering synergies of functions and roles in order to improve organizational processes and managerial  performances in every step of companies’ life.

Our work is based on  clear and shared values.

  • Quality and integrity of the professional relationship
  • Innovation of skills and intervention methodology
  • Tailored solutions
  • Client partnership
  • Making things happen
  •  People empowerment